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The Ear Candle Lady
The Ear Candle Lady
est 1980
Because there are way too
many sue happy folks who
won't take responsibility for
their actions:This is an
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exercising 1st amendment
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Ear Candle Lady is not a
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release, which, if known by
him must have materially
affected his settlement with
the debtor."  All information
is intended for your general
knowledge only and is not a
substitute for medical advice
or treatment for specific
medical conditions.  Ear
candles are not a substitute
for medical treatment. We
have no control of the use of
this product.  Btw, if you are
actually reading this, we
think the FDA makes their
decisions based on the bank
roll of Big Pharma. All those
involved in the manufacture
as well as the seller assume
no liability for any loss,
damage or expense of any
kind arising from the use or
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Ear Candles!  How Many Kinds Are There?
"You need to know that you are reaching communities that need what you have to offer, and you play a major
part in their healing.  Again, may God bless."              Michelle P..
In the 70's the American
Medical Association
made no bones about its
disapproval of
which they attempted to
discredit through their
Committee on Quackery.

The Chiropractors fought back
and won a lawsuit against the
AMA in 1976.
Today, the
American College of
Surgeons sees the two
professions as complimentary!

Did Chiropractic practices change?
Why did it magically become
creditable to the medical profession?

Is this going to be the same pattern
for ear candling?
Did you know that the ONLY approved statement
regarding the benefits of
Massage Therapy is:

"Massage increases circulation." ?

According to the governing bodies there is
no "scientific proof" that massage does

Wow, I don't know about you, but the massages
I've had did a lot more!  
No scientific proof for Massage Therapy or Ear Candles.
Humm. . . .so that means neither works and the
bumble bee
can't fly!
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The FDA, Big Pharma and many Medical
(who don't believe in alternative
therapies like Massage etc
are doing their best to discredit Ear Candles.


Because in our modern day, we are governed by
"scientific method".  Anything that can't be
studied by this method is considered a "scam",
and great efforts are made to discredit it.

Of course, the "scientific method" can't
why the bumble bee can fly!

Generally speaking, natural remedies like
EAR CANDLING, are inexpensive, so
pharmaceuticals and Doctors won't make a
fortune from prescribing ear candles, etc. It's
easier for Doctors to call ear candles a scam,
than lose patients to alternative remedies.