These companies have my recommendation!
I've purchased from them, used their products and have no problem putting my name on the line for
them.  You can buy ear candles and  supplies with confidence from these companies.  
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Companies that want my recommendation and are listed on MY
have to EARN the right to be here.  They don't  
PAY to be here
!  If I'm willing to put my reputation on the line,
these companies better make a good product, affordable prices
and have good customer service!  

I'm old and this website is relatively new,  I've had more years
ear candling and making ear candles than I care to admit.  I
know which companies are offering good ear candles and which
ones are wayyyy over charging.

Since I retired in 2007, I decided passing on my ear candle
knowledge to help
you find the best deals online was a good
thing to do.  Hopefully, you'll learn a little bit about how to
REALLY ear candle along the way.  I wouldn't mind some of the
"greedy" ear candle companies getting nervous about my
website either.  Hopefully, they will get the hint and lower their
pricing to be affordable to everyone.

There's so much marketing hype these days that try to sell you
on "fear" and urgency.  I want to help you avoid that and just
enjoy your ear candles.  It's not "rocket science", it's alternative
therapy that's been around longer than your great-grand

There are 4 basic types of ear candles made:  Paraffin,
Beeswax, Soy and rolled up newspaper.  Paraffin has been
around the longest (in our modern era) and Soy is the
newcomer.  Beeswax has been around since the beginning of
time, so we assume that the Egyptians used it anciently to wax
reeds for ear candles.

Click on the links below for a quick lesson on each type of
ear candle:
Comparison chart of various ear candles
Pros & Cons of each company
Ear Candle Vocabulary
Commentary:  "How do Ear Candle Companies Stack Up?"
Meniere's Disease is an inner ear disorder that causes one to experience periods of vertigo, dizziness, nausea, ear
pressure and tinnitus. It is a chronic condition and often leaves you feeling exhausted.
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Where to Buy Ear Candles
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